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Market in Piazza Duomo in Taormina

During the summer months, Cathedral Square with its impressive lookout over the bay and Mount Etna, becomes the setting of a market where you can buy typical products of the craft and Taormina.
Among the stands that crowd the plaza during the summer mornings, you can find first of all the typical products of local dishes including almonds, capers, cheese, meats, condiments and spices, deserves a taste of the wine with almonds, produced in the area of castelmola; a bottle of wine can also be a nice souvenir to take home. For those who love the sweet and tempting to try are those of ricotta.
But not just food (and wine) you live: the market in Piazza Duomo also offers an almost infinite variety of souvenirs, with prices highly variable, ranging from figurines made ​​with the Etna lava stone to the paintings that portray the charming landscape of Taormina.
Piazza Duomo is located in the historic Sicilian town and is a meeting place to kick off the evening stroll along Corso Umberto I, the most chic street of Taormina, in a succession of boutiques and shops, ride through the city center. On the square is the magnificent cathedral of Taormina, dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari and dating from the thirteenth century.
Also on Piazza Duomo overlooking Palazzo Ciampoli, fifteenth-century building has been transformed into a tree, the House Floresta, with elements of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the Town Hall, dating from the seventeenth century and home to the offices of the City of Taormina. At the center of the square stands a circular fountain, whose base at one time also served as a drinking trough.
On top of the fountain, which dates back to the Baroque period and is made ​​entirely of Taormina stone, stands a female centaur version: a mythological being holding a ball in his hands and a scepter, symbols of power.