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Taormina and Zafferana – “39th Ed Ottobrata Zafferanese”

The heat of the sun, the depth of the sea and the smell of the old flavors of Sicily are a timeless place. Kitchen full of fragrant products, flavors that are, as well as the geographical position of the island, in a delicious balance between land and sea.
There are many attractions, the events, festivals of traditional products, on the territory of the Taormina-Etna district also in autumn.
Among the most famous among market-exhibitions of local products of Etna there is definitely Ottobrata Zafferana come to the 39th edition, is now a must-see event of the Sicilian, which attracts visitors from all over Sicily and beyond. Dining, Entertainment and culture of the area are the main ingredients of this event.
Zafferana is pretty small town on the eastern slopes of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe that extends its territory to the summit of the volcano summit, offering priceless natural beauty of landscapes, from dense forests to the desert expanses of lava. Excellent its geographical position, is in fact just a few kilometers from the larger towns (Catania 24.6 km, 36.6 km Taormina, Acireale 13.7 km).
Zafferana can be a pleasant destination for lovers of peace and nature that can satisfy both lovers of the sea and those of the mountain.
The Ottobrata Zafferanese includes various festivals, each dedicated to a particular product characteristic, that takes place during the Sundays of the month of October in the historic center of the town: Grape Festival, Festival of honey, apples Etna Festival, Festival of mushroom and chestnut Festival. Then there are all the other local products, which are also the protagonists of the event, from prickly pears pistachios.
Tastings are accompanied by concerts, shows, performances by street artists to create a magical party atmosphere and a warm welcome, in addition, the Artisans of Sicily who will represent and exhibit the ancient arts and traditional crafts.