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The summer of Taormina

Taormina Villa Oasis Residence where the summer continues..most of all really gives its best in late September and October. Hurry up and Book NOW!


Our suggestions to live the really Taormina, staying to our Residence where the summer continues…..most of all really gives its best in late September and October.

A transparent and crystalline water that invites to long swims. A clear day and a hot sun. Is the Sicilian summer, which lasts throughout September and October. Taormina, in particular is the perfect place to enjoy the last sea. Here the summer gives way to autumn only in November. And there are those who do the bathrooms even late in December.
Little crowd, less warm, clear days allow you to enjoy the sea in peace, beaches with cultural attractions.
The coastal Sicily boasts an average of approximately 2665 hours of sunshine a year , and so the climate creates a scene in which the classic Mediterranean scrub alongside Palm trees, bougainvillea, banana trees and oleanders




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Taken siege by tourists from all over the world at the height of summer, Taormina really gives its best in late September and throughout October, when it returns to be more intimate, charming and seductive, and it is then that you understand why the city has always been the dream of all tourists who enjoy the beauties of nature and that releases art, culture, history and architecture in every cornerTaormina is really a town living not only in summer, but in all seasons of the year with its narrow streets full of high fashion stores and its picturesque streets full of scents and coloursThe hour of walk in Corso Umberto officially begins at six-thirty in the afternoon, during which you can enjoy the delicious rice balls or, if whished, a nice cannoli with ricotta or even a milk chocolate almond granita or figs combined with a warm brioche. For dinner, among the many Sicilian specialties, we enjoy a caponata or a fresh tuna steak while among the local gastronomic specialties we recommend the pilchards to white-throat, Eggplant parmigiana and all recipes with the famous pistachios grown in place. Don’t miss the almond wine, a white man to be served cold to accompany desserts produced in the nearby village of Castelmola. wherever you go you will know the true Sicilian hospitality.
Once you go to Taormina can’t help but go back, which remains engraved in the heart and really excited.


taormina teatro greco

sicilia - ruota carretto siciliano

Gole Alcantara - primavera

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